Former Wrestling Stars: Where Are They Now?

There are millions of viewers all across the world that are fans of WWE. Many people love watching fit wrestlers fighting against one another in the ring. However, the real thrill of WWE is the dramatic storylines that accommodate the actual wrestling. Pro wrestling is known as being very similar to soap operas. This is a fair assumption as you gain the same amount of drama and the only real difference is that there is more action, as well as much more over-the-top outfits. The characters of WWE are very convincing at what they do. This can make what these wrestlers do outside the ring shocking for some who are familiar with and fans of the wrestlers’ persona. Read on to find out what these retired famous wrestlers are doing now.

Razor Ramon

Fans may know Scott Oliver Hall by his wrestling name, Razor Ramon. He first started appearing in the ring in the 1980s and got his big break in the 1990s when he joined the WCW and WWF. However, lately, Razor Ramon has been admitted for seizures, pneumonia, and low blood pressure.Razor Ramon

Razor Ramon

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