Top 9 Craziest Big-Wave Surfing Destinations

Do you know which countries are best suited for new and experienced surfers? Let’s find out together! Here are the nine craziest big-wave surfing destinations. Surfs up, dudes!

1. Agadir, Morocco

Agadir is a resort town with a well-equipped beach area full of sun loungers, umbrellas, cabins, and even a dust storm warning system. And when you’re not looking at the waves, there’s always the colorful blooming nature. There is a possible setback, though: you will probably want to add more colors to your daily life after returning home.

2. Red Sea, Egypt

Here’s an option for those who do not care for exotic landscapes and who simply want to enjoy surfing — everyone’s favorite Egypt. Experienced extreme surfers who can withstand the strong wind that could literally blow you off your feet, choose to visit in February, early March. So now the time is right even for beginners.

3. Oman, Indian Ocean coast

Oman is an outstanding option if you can afford the trip. With an excellent climate, friendly people, and in close proximity to UAE, it’s a real heaven for tourists. And boarders get to experience these places along the beach specially equipped for surfing.

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