Top 10 Questions You Should Be Asking Matches On Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular ways of meeting new people these days. That’s the first thing that we do when looking to meet someone new outside of our friend group is install Tinder on your phone. It’s also an app we use when we’re in a new city and looking for people to meet and fun to have. But while swiping photos left and right is addictive, actually thinking of a good opening question once you match with someone isn’t that easy. So here are a few interesting questions you might want to use, they’re bound to start a conversation way better than the usual “how you doing?”.

1. “So Do You Think Carol Baskin Killed Her Husband?”

Everyone and their mother has watched Tiger King on Netflix, so it’s a safe bet that whoever you’ve matched on Tinder with has watched it too. So why not start a conversation with figuring out what they think about Carol Baskin. Did she kill her husband? Do they think she didn’t? As far as openers go we think this one is a stellar one.

2. “Would You Go To Mars If Elon Musk Said You Could?”

Quite an existential question to ask, don’t you think? A great way to start talking about space, our planet, the environment, how much damage we’ve done to this planet and is it reversible or should we just jump ship and go to a different planet. Plus it’ll clear things up on their opinion of Elon Musk. All these are things you’d want to know about your potential date.

3. “What Was The First Poster You Hung Up On Your Wall?”

Asking someone what’s their favourite band or actor/actress is a bit boring, isn’t it? Plus, everyone’s favourite changed throughout the years. However, asking about the first poster they’ve put on their wall will open up a window into a person’s childhood and who was their idol.

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