8 Of The Best Places To Camp Around The World

Traveling is a luxury, especially in these weird pandemic days. Sure you can go and stay at a hotel or rent an apartment if you want, but a lot of us are worried about interacting with people outside of our social bubble, so camping is sounding pretty good right about now. What’s not to like about being out in the wild, surrounded by nature and not a human in sight. Isn’t that life? And you’ve got so many beautiful and picturesque places around the world to choose from. So if you’re looking for a great spot to pitch a tent and enjoy a gorgeous sunset or sunrise over the horizon here are some of the best places to choose from.

1. Devon, England

If you know me at all you won’t be surprised by the fact that the first few places I mention are in Britain. Let’s start with Devon, England. This is a truly amazing place that doesn’t even feel like you’re in England. It’s just gorgeous nature, cliffs and hills with the sea below. The Devon coast is a perfect place to camp and watch the sunset over the coastline.

2. The Trossachs, Scotland

The Trossachs is an incredible nature reserve in Scotland and it has a whole bunch of camping spots for those wanting to pitch a tent or even stay in a caravan. The nature is absolutely mesmerizing, all those rolling hills and green meadows plus a beautiful lake, what else could you possibly want?

3. Connemara, Ireland

This isn’t the easiest and most comfortable place to camp because the wind gets pretty brutal in this part of Galway, but the views really make up for it. There are so many wonderful paths to explore and the coastline is like nothing you’ve seen before. So if you want some stunning views and aren’t scared of cold wind from the Atlantic ocean – this is the place.

4. Mount Cook, New Zealand

New Zealand is known for otherworldly nature, that’s kind of the reason why they filmed Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit here. When you see these views you start to believe that this isn’t Earth, and you’re actually in some other world, where elves and hobbits could live. The nature in New Zealand is so unique that you’re not actually allowed to camp in some spots, but The Mount Cook National Park is a great place that has many camping locations.

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