Why Is It Necessary To Sanitize Your Social Media After A Breakup

Some people want to stay friends after a breakup, while others completely delete all images and evidence of their time together as a couple. We’re here to support the latter, and here’s why. Some people might call it petty, but it boils down to pure science.

When you break up with someone, you want them to disappear from your life completely, which means throwing away all proof they existed. It’s called “sanitizing” and it’s an extremely cathartic process. Sanitizing is an empowering coping mechanism for many that can help you move on from your heartbreak. So take control and stop scrolling through your ex S.O’s page – you deserve better.

1. It
ll stop those *cringe* questions

Nothing feels more awkward than being asked about your ex after the two of you have broken up. To avoid the endless stream of questions about where they are and how the two of you are doing, clearing your socials of them will clearly point to the fact that the two of you aren’t an item anymore.

2. Get some space

Personal space is essential post-breakup. We all become a new person as we move on from the past, coming into this new identity as a single person. A partner-free account signifies freedom and can be completely life-affirming. You don’t owe the world of social media an explanation of your breakup, but you can share pics of your fresh start.

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