9 Signs That You Have Chemistry With Someone

So you’ve met someone. They have that sparkle in their eye and slight smile when they talk to you. It feels electric, but you’re not sure if it’s in your head, or if the chemistry is really here. What exactly is chemistry? It’s the intense connection that draws you to someone. Sometimes, this natural flow is easy to recognize. But other times, the signs are a bit more subtle, which can be tough for those of us who aren’t skilled at recognizing the obvious. Here’s how to tell if that chemistry is really there.

  1. Eye contact doesn’t feel awkward

In some cases, prolonged eye contact feels super awkward and uncomfortable. But if you have chemistry with someone, it feels like you’re getting lost in their eyes. Even the most intense eye contact feels natural, and comfortable. If you feel this way, continue to maintain eye contact, as it indicates interest and can make two people form a closer bond.

2. Body language

Are their feet pointing towards you? Arms uncrossed and leaning in towards you? There’s a good chance that chemistry is going on. Additionally, if they make you blush or vice versa, this is a tell-tale sign. Non-verbal cues are hard to control, and can give away the truth even when we’re trying to hide them. When words fail, read the body language.

3. Banter

Frequent joking around or teasing are a sign of flirtation, as it’s an attempt to get someones attention and make them smile. Perhaps it starts with a playful push, a nickname, or some spicy burns without the malicious intention. This is similar to how kids show affection to each other – except instead of the boy just being mean to you, it’s a sweet back and forth that both of can participate in.

4. Paying attention to the small things

Maybe they noticed a new haircut or nail color on you. Even the tiniest changes are easily noticed, and the same goes for when they switch up something in their usual style. If you have chemistry, you’re probably aware of that person’s nervous habits, what makes them smile, and what their favorite things are. If you didn’t have chemistry, you wouldn’t remember these things, but they simply fascinate you.

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