10 Reasons To Avoid Dating A Momma’s Boy

Any guy who loves his mom and has a close relationship with her is a keeper. But some guys have bonds a bit too strong with their moms. Some of them even have a bit of a creepy vibe. For momma’s boys, their mother will always be their first priority, and you’ll always be on the back-burner. Unless you’re ready to constantly be compared to his mom, or have her drop by unannounced on a regular basis, these are why you should avoid a momma’s boy at all costs.

1. They don’t set emotional boundaries with their moms

Most guys create boundaries between their romantic relationships and time with their mom. But many men are co-dependent on their mothers, and have zero emotional boundaries set in place. This means that your boundaries will constantly be crossed, and you might not always feel respected.

2. He’ll compare you to her

Being compared to an ex-girlfriend doesn’t feel good, but you know what feels even worse? Being compared to his mom, because you’ll always lose. A momma’s boy will compare everything from what you cook, to what you don’t do right. You’ll never live up to the expectations, and something will always be wrong. Head out and find someone who appreciates you!

3. What mom says goes

Ultimately, as his partner, you should be the person whose decision matters most. But even if mom has nothing to do with the matter, he’ll always let her have the final word. A fight between couples should remain that — between you two. Letting someone else have control over the relationship is a recipe for disaster.

4. She’ll third wheel your vacations

Ah, there’s nothing more relaxing than getting some time off work to explore a new place with bae. But throw any romantic notions out the window, because rather than jetting off on a spontaneous trip somewhere exotic, you’ll be planning reservations for three rather than two. She might tell you she’ll leave you alone on the trip, but she’ll be there all the time, or at least calling you non-stop for updates.

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