10 Signs He’s Not Over His Ex

In a relationship, few things are as bad as cheating. But one thing sure comes close – when your man is still pining over their ex. Maybe it’s a gut feeling, or you saw something on his phone. Getting over a past love is never easy, but it is essential if you’re starting a relationship with a new partner. Just the idea of bae thinking of someone else gives you heart pangs. Here are some signs that your lover just can’t seem to move on from their ex. 

1. He talks about her a lot

Bringing up your ex once in a while isn’t terrible in itself. But if it seems like he talks about his past more than his present or even compares you to her, that’s a huge red flag. If he’s raving about any girl, it should be you!

2. They’re “friends”

Someone being friends with their ex can be extremely stressful for their current partner. Even though there’s nothing wrong with being on good terms with a past partner, there are some signs that can help you tell if he’s not over her. If it’s more than a coffee meet up or lunch, it can raise an eyebrow. Dinner isn’t traditionally for exes. Additionally, if he chooses hanging out with her over hanging out with you, that’s a no.

3. He’s still a part of her family

It’s natural to meld with your partner’s family…when you’re still together. After a breakup, it’s a bummer, but you also break up with your ex’s family – even if you guys had a tight bond. Say that your boo still attends their Thanksgiving dinner, helps her parents around the house, or gets invited to major events. That’s a crossing of boundaries that you need to discuss immediately.

4. He’s still doing favors for her

Even if bae is just the generous type to always help someone out, those acts of selflessness don’t really apply to his ex. If she’s always calling for something and he’s always there to help her out, it’s a clear power move that’s telling you “he’s not over me yet, and will always choose me over you.” This isn’t ok, so let him know. 

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