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11 Universal Signs That Someone Is Flirting With You

Some of us are bad at flirting, while others don’t know how to properly perceive the signs of someone else flirting with you. Lots of people are flirted with, but misread signals and just think that the other person is being nice. Recognizing the signs of flirting is important, whether you’re looking for love or just want to avoid giving off the wrong signals. Why miss the opportunity to connect with your potential soulmate? Here are all the universal signs that you’re being flirted with.

1. Longer eye contact than usual

If someone is looking at you with prolonged eye contact, it’s a sign that they’re flirting with you and find you attractive. Science says that people who gaze into your eyes are likely to have feelings of affection or attraction afterward. 

2. Playing with their clothing

There are many nonverbal ways to indicate romantic interest. One of them is when the flirter starts toying around with a button or sleeve. Women do it with their hair all the time, along with batting eyelashes. When we’re interested in someone, we playfully fidget.

3. They tease you or awkwardly compliment you

Neither of these are sweep-you-off-your-feet moves, but if someone is jokingly picking on you (not in a disrespectful manner, of course) they might be into you! A backhanded compliment or light teasing is a way to test the waters and your reaction. Just make sure you’re not being bullied or put down.

4. They find a way to touch you during a conversation

Come on – we all know that arm graze or “accidental” bump. The hand over the popcorn moment. If you’re seated, the person might lightly touch your arm or brush your feet. This form of body language actually sends signals of attraction to your brain.

5. Lots of brief glances

Staring deeply into each other’s eyes isn’t the only kind of eye contact to indicate interest. If you’re getting lots of brief glances, it means you’re constantly catching their eye and they can’t resist looking back. It could be a coincidence, but that’s unlikely. Once you do lock eyes, it could be electric.

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