35+ Cars That Are Plummeting In Value – Is Your Car On This List?

VW Passat

Created for the mid-sized family sedan market, the VW Passat provides a more practical but less luxurious offering. You can now expect to find this car a a fraction of its base price. While its equipped with advanced technology, smooth features, a good engine, and stamped with VW’s signature quality and style, it’s actually pretty good car. You may be wondering what’s the catch. Well, due to some controversy over Volkswagen’s emission cheating scandal, many Passat models with a a diesel engine were recalled last year. This understandably generated some bad publicity for VW and incidentally called the price of these models to spiral down in value. You can now find a 2014 VW Passat’s MSRP, initially worth $25k for just $12-13k. Though we wouldn’t recommend the diesel engine, you can also find many cheaper Passats with gasoline engines.

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