40 Stars Have Come Clean About Their Worst-Ever Encounters With Fans

Regardless of whether we’d like to admit it, most of us are guilty of obsessing over our favorite stars. We’re either in awe of their work – or we simply think they’re drop-dead gorgeous! Unsurprisingly, though, some people have a tendency to take their fixations a little too far. So here are 40 stars opening up about their worst fan experiences. And as you’ll see, they’re pretty unbelievable. Get ready to cringe.

40. John Boyega

John Boyega’s career has only gone from strength to strength over the last few years, yet nothing could prepare him for this. You see, after opening some post at his home, the actor found a set of nipple covers from an enthusiastic fan. That’s weird enough on its own, but the items also had Boyega’s face plastered across them!

39. Emily Blunt

Have you ever confused a person with someone else? Well, Emily Blunt was on the receiving end of a particularly extreme case when an individual approached her. As per a video on the MTV International YouTube channel, this follower was convinced that the actress was actually singer Katy Perry. And Blunt could say nothing to sway him from that misguided view.

38. Ally Brooke

When Ally Brooke touched down in Mexico, one fan got a little too close at the airport. They grasped onto the music star and very nearly pulled her from her entourage. Following that dramatic moment, Brooke took to Instagram and wrote, “I’m okay after the airport incident. Please be careful and gentle so nobody gets hurt. That was scary.”

37. Spencer Boldman

While speaking to The Hollywood Bite YouTube channel, Spencer Boldman recalled a bizarre incident with a young fan of his. The actor said, “I had one in the bathroom, which is always kind of awkward, especially with a little kid. [When] a little kid comes up to you when you’re in the bathroom, it’s strange.”

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